Frequently Asked Questions

About Feng Office

General information of what Feng Office lets you do.

Can I install the Feng Office Professional Edition in my server?
Is Feng Office compatible with mobile devices?
What are Feng Office Editions?
Can I access all the information of a Customer or Project?
Can I share the information with other people?
Can I see a summary of all the activities?
Does Feng Office support multiple languages?
Does Feng Office have an Email Client?
Can you make custom changes to my Feng Office?
Does Feng Office have a Gantt Chart?
Does Feng Office have a Ticketing System module?
Can I add custom properties or fields?
Am I elegible for a discount?

Using Feng Office

Specific questions on how to use Feng Office.

I forgot my password
How do I manage permissions?
How do I add new users?
How do I create a time report?
How do I filter tasks?
Can I assign tasks to multiple users?
What happens when I delete a user?
How can I use billing?
How do I upload several documents at once?
What happens when I delete something?
How can I activate or remove menu tabs and modules?
Can I customize the system so that it looks more like my organization?
Can I edit documents online?
How do I set up task dependencies?
How do I change the timezone?

Feng Office supports automatic timezone recognition through the browser (which is what we suggest), but some people may prefer using a fixed one.

In order to change this value from one to another you have to:

1- Click on your name (top right corner)
2- Select Account to access your profile
3- Select Edit user on the right, below the Actions section
4- Go to the User data tab
5- If you want the timezone to be autodetected, set the Auto-detect user timezone from browser option to Yes. Otherwise, set it to No and select a fixed timezone
6- Click on Save changes

Important Note: Feng Office currently handles both tasks and events with an "international point of view" since most organizations using Feng Office do it globally.
This means that if you set up an event at 3 PM GMT +1, and then have a daylight saving time change that makes your new timezone as GMT 0, the event will still remain at 3 PM GMT +1, therefore having it at 2 PM GMT 0.
In these cases most, if not all, organizations foresee theses scenarios and take the timezone into account when creating/editing the task or event in question.

In the near future this feature will be improved though so that "local only" events and tasks are taken into consideration in an easier way.

I received a winmail.dat file in my Feng email client
How do I clear my browsers cache?


 Questions regarding how Feng Office makes sure that your information is always secure.

Which are the risks I am exposed to in case of any damages in your servers?
What is the level of confidentiality you offer like?
Are your backups safe?

Free Community Edition section

In this section you will find FAQs for the free downloaded Community Edition for users that have no subscription plan with Feng Office

I think I found a bug on Feng Office Community Edition. How do I report it?
Can you help us with our Community Edition installation?
How do I know if my Feng Office installation has a support contract with Feng Office?
But I am helping you! I am reporting a bug to you. You have to help me now!

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